Rhea Bridget Wearing
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About: My name is Rhea.

"I don't believe in science, only love sex and music"

My best friends are characters in books and some of my favourite memories aren't my own.
I love reading.

Talk to me, i'll like it

Today I bought a wonderful typewriter for £5 and I think I may start making lovely things with it, I just don’t know what yet.

Anonymous asked: Have you noticed how quite a few of the questions you answer seem to come from the same person?

Well they’re all anonymous so no, I can’t tell if they’re from the same person or not. I’m assuming this is your way of telling me they’re all from you? (Whoever you are)

I have suddenly realised I will never achieve my life goal of being a successful and published author if I don’t start writing something.

I think with this realisation I will not only be one step closer to my life dream but I will also have a lot more purpose.

This, I am sure you will all agree, is great news.

Anonymous asked: You have astoundingly beautiful eyes. Could we see more of them? :D

Haha thank you very much!

Anonymous asked: How's life?

Great thanks, yours?

Anonymous asked: I'm glad you liked my little poem. It wasn't much, but it was from the heart ^,^

Thanksss :)

Anonymous asked: Given the sunburn, would you prefer risking that for a tan, or staying on the pale side?

I’d rather just be pale

Anonymous asked: Apart from the painful-looking sunburn, are you enjoying your time in Barcelona?

I just got back and my face has swollen huge but barcelona was amazing thanks :)

I’m in barca having the best time with my best pal Heather. Be jealous, but feel sorry for how burnt i am.

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